Last Day Eve

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Right now I'm laying in bed typing, finishing off the last of my Haagen-Dazs vanilla milk chocolate and almond ice cream bar (which almost brought me to tears), and considering how to tackle the task of reflecting on my time as a teacher leading up to this point. 

Tomorrow, I will say goodbye to kids who I have spent almost 400 hours with since August.  I've seen them at their worst and their best, and they've seen me at both of mine.  I have spent more "real" time with these young people than I did my own family, friends, and even my own roommates in that same amount of time, and tomorrow our relationship will, for the most part, come to a pretty abrupt halt.  Some of them I have had for two years in a row now.   So (counts on fingers) like 800 hours.

There will be other goodbyes tomorrow-- the incredible and crazy teachers I work with, cleaning staff that I might kidnap, clerks and administrators, my classroom, and the drive to school that has become so natural.  A goodbye to familiarity itself.  There will be a lot to write about.

But not tonight.  It's my bedtime.



P.S.  But seriously, the Haagen-Dazs was amazing.

Student Appreciation Week: Up Close and Personal

Friday, May 25, 2012

Just in case you needed to restore your faith in humanity, I thought I'd share some of my students' reflections on this week with you.

From Day 2: Worthy
Reflection: Write a statement about your worth.
 "People say I'm weird, but I KNOW that I am my own unique individual.  And I'm okay with that."
 "I need to stop thinking that I'm ugly, fat, unpopular, and unworthy because actually I'm worthy I'm opposite of all that."

 "I need to shake off all the things people say about me because I'm not what they say I'm strong and not weak."

From Day 3: Powerful
Reflection: Write a statement about your power.

 (From top)
"I feel powerful when I am happy"
"I feel powerful when I do the right thing"
"I feel powerful when I start dancing, I know I'm shy to dance in front of people. But music is my life!"

 "I want to use my power to help people and help people fix their problems."
 "I feel powerful when I hep hlep help someone." :)

From Day 4: Unique
Reflection: Write three things that make you unique.

 "It's hard for me to get mad, I have a really good sense of humor, I'm always jumpy and happy"
(Students were instructed to write three things that make them unique)

"ADHD makes me my version of normal, my thinking makes me my version of normal, my agility and flexibility make me my version of normal" (We discussed the non-existence of "normal" :)
"Fastidious, full of positive energy, thoughtful-- full of thoughts"

From Day 5: Capable of Greatness
Reflection: Finish this sentence: "I am capable of...."

 "I am capable of going to high school and college and a lot of other places"

 "I am capable of changing the world artistically"

 "I am capable of bringing more happiness to the world :)"

"I am capable of doing whatever I want to do"

Yeah you are! :)