Student Appreciation Week: Up Close and Personal

Friday, May 25, 2012

Just in case you needed to restore your faith in humanity, I thought I'd share some of my students' reflections on this week with you.

From Day 2: Worthy
Reflection: Write a statement about your worth.
 "People say I'm weird, but I KNOW that I am my own unique individual.  And I'm okay with that."
 "I need to stop thinking that I'm ugly, fat, unpopular, and unworthy because actually I'm worthy I'm opposite of all that."

 "I need to shake off all the things people say about me because I'm not what they say I'm strong and not weak."

From Day 3: Powerful
Reflection: Write a statement about your power.

 (From top)
"I feel powerful when I am happy"
"I feel powerful when I do the right thing"
"I feel powerful when I start dancing, I know I'm shy to dance in front of people. But music is my life!"

 "I want to use my power to help people and help people fix their problems."
 "I feel powerful when I hep hlep help someone." :)

From Day 4: Unique
Reflection: Write three things that make you unique.

 "It's hard for me to get mad, I have a really good sense of humor, I'm always jumpy and happy"
(Students were instructed to write three things that make them unique)

"ADHD makes me my version of normal, my thinking makes me my version of normal, my agility and flexibility make me my version of normal" (We discussed the non-existence of "normal" :)
"Fastidious, full of positive energy, thoughtful-- full of thoughts"

From Day 5: Capable of Greatness
Reflection: Finish this sentence: "I am capable of...."

 "I am capable of going to high school and college and a lot of other places"

 "I am capable of changing the world artistically"

 "I am capable of bringing more happiness to the world :)"

"I am capable of doing whatever I want to do"

Yeah you are! :)




  1. We have the best job in the world!

  2. I LOVE this!!! I'm so thankful you share your great ideas to inspire the rest of us.

  3. What a powerful year for them. Praying they keep those close to their hearts as they progress on. Well done, Teach, well done:)

  4. That made me cry. They are amazing if we give them the chance to be. Wow.

  5. I have a positivity club on my campus - Title I. May we use your idea to promote positivity and self-worth on our campus?

  6. I would love to know more about this. Was Student Appreciation Week just in your class? Whole school? Did you have accompanying lesson plans/discussion starters/readings? Did you do other activities on the themes of the way?What was the sentence starter for Day 1: Loved?

    1. Whoops- I was reading the posts in backwards order- I see the details now. Wonderful!

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